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Knjiga gostiju
Molimo da nam ostavite neku lijepu poruku s lijepim željama zbog svih lijepih osjećaja koji su se rodili u vama nakon posjete ScoutParku.
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Ime: StanleyGono

Datum: 08.07.2014.

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  Ime: XRumerTest

Datum: 01.06.2014.

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Ime: MBT??—?

Datum: 12.05.2014.

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Datum: 02.05.2014.

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Ime: Rachel Fromm

Datum: 18.04.2014.

Komentar: Dear Sir / Madam, 
We are a girl tribe from Germany/Bavarian region and we ask you for helping us with our project, to collect recipes for an international scouts cookery book for the camps . Maybe you could send to us your favourite camp recipes . If you could ask your tribes, too, it would be helpful, too. 
Thank you in advance! 
Yours, the tribe “Bat” (Rachel, Helena, Sophie, Pauline, Rebecca, Kristin, Lena K., Lena G. and Judith) 
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Datum: 22.03.2014.

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Ime: tixx

Datum: 12.01.2014.

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ima ko opis pletenja prstena za maramuuu 
hitno mi trebaa
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Datum: 08.01.2014.

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Ime: DixcheeceMype

Datum: 22.12.2013.

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  Ime: miki

Datum: 08.12.2013.

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